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voice pagers

1-20 Results for voice pagers from 289 Products, Competitive voice pagers products from various China voice pagers manufacturers and voice pagers suppliers are listed below.
Model VP-220 Voice Pager Tone Coding Two-Tone Sequential Frequency VHF 135 ~ 174 MHz, m UHF 404 ~ 512 Mhz , Narrow band & Wide band Channel Spacing 12.5/25KHz Alerting 4uV /m for ... 2010-12-30
Gold Apollo Co., LTD.
VP101 Voice pager Accessories Accessories 2010-12-30
Gold Apollo Co., Ltd.
The Motorola MINITOR VI two-tone voice pager is ideal for fire departments and other organizations that need to react quickly in times of emergency. With up to 16 minutes of voice ... 2014-05-14
Radio Express CO.LTD
Motorola MINITOR V Pager Firepager The MINITOR V pager is one of Motorola's most robust paging devices to date. MINITOR V's enhanced functionality and dependability allows your ... 2014-05-14
Highlights This telephone voice changer is a practical device to disguise yourself when you using stationary phones, cellular phones, speakerphone, pagers, car phones, walkie ... 2011-04-22
sharpsecure company
Product Name Model Pictures Specification host GDH300 Receive the signal and transmit to the Waiter Paging receiver Each can carry up to 200 calling buttons Each can carry up to ... 2012-04-09
Beijing Yueqi Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Wrist pager 1. Can show 4-digit number from 0001 to 9999 2. Can work with 100pcs 1-key or 3-key transmitters in MAX. 3. Can show different service type with calling number and show ... 2013-11-07
Witop Technology Co,.Ltd
1. Economic radio host call server using radio frequency technology, easy installation; learning the code, easy to operate; up to 99 transmitters can be equipped with; highbrightne... 2011-09-08
Shenzhen Daying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Movable,200 M wireless in open air; Specification; 1receiving 200 M in open air,433MHz. user can edit the room no and desk no; 3it can storage 10 calling nos,vibration and voice ... 2011-03-14
Beijing Really Sun Co., Ltd.
. Style No.: DS-WP001 . Description: wireless pager . Max call distance: 1000m . Max call terminal: 250pcs/host . High light LED display, max indoor visual distance 30-40m . ... 2011-05-24
Zhangzhou Xindingsheng Electronics Co., Ltd.
15 v (dc) power supply: DC12V - FLASH: 32 m 30 w power module: Remote control distance: 500 m (open) Remote control: four key, can control four period of voice Voice: volume can be ... 2015-09-29
Product Specifications /Features Car alarm is about to become standard in the new car industry. Vision's new GSM / GPS / Pager System joins the existing car alarm, using a GSM ... 2012-08-15
Vision Automobile Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.
Used for Wireless pagers, wireless voice transmission This item can transmit voice as well as data. Metal shell, good shielding performance, providing frequency passage Data Sheet ... 2015-11-16
Shenzhen KYL Communication Equipment Co,Ltd.
Product Description Combination: 1. Wireless receiver, install on the wall of the counter, show the calling number directly and easy to attract waiters' attention. 2. Call buttons. ... 2012-10-09
Huanyutong Electronic Co., Ltd
Wireless waiter call system with wrist pager (Updated version of Y-630) Features 1 Use SCM digital encoding technology with stable performance, No wired involved, Easy to operate 2 ... 2012-10-25
Huanyutong Electronic co.,ltd
Product Description 1. Can show 4-digit number from 0001 to 9999 2. Can work with 100pcs 1-key or 3-key transmitters in MAX. 3. Can show different service type with calling number ... 2012-10-25
Witop Technology Co.,Ltd
Use SCM digital encoding technology with stable performance, No wired involved ,Easy to operate High brightness LCD display with voice prompts ,vibrator, and both voice and ... 2013-01-18
Fuzhou Witop Technology Co., LTD
SUNATEL Voice Mail System The SUNATEL Voice Mail System is a full-featured standalone voice-mail, audiotex and auto-attendant system. It is designed to support most PABX. It ... 2011-03-29
Sunatel Telecom Co., Ltd
Product Description Circulatory dialing four telephone, cell phone, or pager numbers, and each phone number could be up to 16 digits. Easy programming, parameters and data will be ... 2012-09-19
Fujian Quanzhou Dong Ang Electronics Co. Ltd.
Key Specifications/Special Features: Voice mailbox: Support 2-way conversation recording Message appending and forwarding redirection Message distribution Message notification: ... 2013-02-28
Yosin Electronics Co. Ltd

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