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small maglev wind turbine

1-20 Results for small maglev wind turbine from 133 Products, Competitive small maglev wind turbine products from various China small maglev wind turbine manufacturers and small maglev wind turbine suppliers are listed below.
Vertical Axis Maglev Wind Turbine 300W with Battery / Solar Panel / Light Pole Off Grid Wind Turbine Used 300W12V/24V Maglev Turbine The world first maglev wind turbine is a great ... 2014-10-24
Shenzhen TYPMAR Wind Energy Technology Co.,Ltd Verified Supplier  Supplier capability assessment
1.power: 25kw~250Mw 2.Frequency: 50hz or 60hz 3.Output Type: AC three phase 4.Output voltage:400V, 6.3KV, etc. 5.CE.ISO Water Head Applicable: H=8M-450M. Used for middle & high ... 2012-10-25
Sichuan Neijiang Shunhuan Water Turbine Works Co., Ltd.
The benefit of the wind turbine Horizontal axis wind turbine Lowest cut-in wind speed 1 m/s for power production No noise, no vibrations (sound level< 25 dB at 7 m/s from 10 m ... 2016-02-01
Vertical Axis Maglev Wind Turbine Generator 300W 500W 1kw 3kw 5kw 10kw Item:8 Details: Wind turbine blades: We utilize high strength glass fibre reinforced plastic and epoxy resin ... 2013-06-14
Xinda Green Energy Co.,Limited
Key Specifications/Special Features: Suitable for home use Wind generator: 1,000W/24V 3 blades maglev wind generator Wind and solar controller: 1,000W, 24V Solar panel: 200W, 12V ... 2013-04-09
Pro-An Wind Turbine Factory
Wind turbine blades: We utilize high strength glass fibre reinforced plastic and epoxy resin to make blades. The wind rotor operate well(stably and quietly). This kind of new ... 2012-11-19
Nanjing Lewis Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.
Product Specifications /Features 600W effective type wind power generator/turbine: starting wind speed: 1.5m/s cut-in wind speed: 2.5m/s rated wind speed: 11m/s survival wind speed... 2012-09-15
Zhongke Hengyuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd.(GZ)
20kw wind turbine alternator type wind turbine alternator turbine ahead design alternator low start up wind speed Hummer 20kw wind turbine alternator *wind generator 20kw wind ... 2012-10-14
Guangzhou Fashion Accessories
400W WELLSEE horizontal wind generator with 6 blades maglev wind turbine 1. 400W WELLSEE horizontal wind generator 2. 6 blades maglev wind turbine Brand: WELLSEE Size: 50.5*33.5*21 ... 2014-03-29
Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd
Key Specifications/Special Features: Rated power: 3000W wind wheel Controller output voltage: 48V DC Controller output current: ≤130A Diameter: 3.30/3.20m Start up with breeze 1m/s ... 2013-02-08
Zeb Power Solution Company Limited
Key Specifications/Special Features: Small household wind turbines, low noise, low speed, beautiful Power: 350W Landscape art High 11th level wind can generate electricity Maglev ... 2013-04-29
Hangzhou Shenle Technology Co. Ltd
The design of wind turbine----maglev wind turbine integrates Exterior Design, Practical design, Electrical Engineering, Power Mechanics, Aviation atmosphere engineering, Wind ... 2013-02-19
Shenzhen TIMAR scenery Energy Technology Co,. Ltd
WS-WT400W WELLSEE maglev vertical axis wind turbine products advantages: The advanced pneumatic Guoxue design, natural wind to start High strength, corrosion-resistant special ... 2013-01-04
Hubei Bluelight Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd
Product Name: Wind Power Generators Magnets Materials Trademark: N35–N50,33M–48M,30H–45H,27SH–45SH,25UH–40UH,23EH–38EH All Trademarks are available. Working Temperature: 80-200(℃) ... 2015-12-11
Wellsee WT-400 maglev six blades vertical 360D wind turbine 400W,brake protection(also 300W for choose) Brand: WELLSEE Dimension: 117.5*37.5*38.5mm Name: WIND TURBINE Weight: 15kg ... 2013-10-19
Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd
Product Description Shenzhen Suntop Green Energy Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of 300 w - 50 kw vertical shaft maglev wind generating set and wind-light complementary ... 2012-11-26
Shenzhen Suntop Green Energy Co., Ltd.
Key Specifications/Special Features: Advantages: VAWTs are not affected by the direction of the wind, which is useful in areas where the wind changes direction frequently and ... 2013-03-03
Beijing Asia Alliance Yike Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Specifications / Features power:1000w height/diametre:1.58*1.75m weight:95kg controller:3-Phase short circuit by No fuse brake/manual adjustment Product Feature 1 can start ... 2012-10-10
Longreat Group
Product Name: Cylinder NdFeB Magnet Materials Trademark: N35--N5033M--48M30H--45H27SH--45SH25UH--40UH23EH--38EH All Trademarks are available. Working Temperature: 80-200(℃) Product ... 2012-05-29
Sinoneo Magnet Co.,Ltd
Permanent neodymium speaker magnet/ Rare Earth Ring speaker magnet/ Sintered NdFeB Speaker Magnet Description Materials Trademark: N35-N50, 33M-48M, 30H-45H, 27SH-45SH, 25UH-40UH, ... 2014-02-24
AIM Magnet Co.,Ltd

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